It Happened Here Podcast

I’m turning my true crime obsession into a true crime side hustle with the launch of It Happened Here. IHH is a new true crime podcast that centres victims and survivors, that peers into the psychology at play, and scratches that crime and grime itch we all sometimes have. I want to make an ethicalContinue reading “It Happened Here Podcast”

PRIME Business Day supplement: Retirement

 In December 2018 I contributed an article to PRIME, a Business Day supplementary magazine aimed at those heading towards retirement. I enjoy financial writing so much these days, as I learn and reinforce previous ‘learnings’ every time I chat to financial expert sources. The aim of the article was to give advice on what you shouldContinue reading “PRIME Business Day supplement: Retirement”

Financial Mail: Pound of Flesh

Part three of my Pound of Flesh series of data-driven articles on SA consumer debt (supported by impactAfrica)… This was the cover package of the Financial Mail on 22 March 2018. How reckless lending is killing the economy Reckless lending is back in the dock as another consumer takes on Capitec over possible contravention ofContinue reading “Financial Mail: Pound of Flesh”

CFO magazine: Agile’s Tshego Sefolo

Here’s an extract from my interview with private equity investor Tshego Sefolo. Agile’s Tshego Sefolo: The CFO is key to successful Private Equity “When we invest in businesses we look at the quality of the CFO; that individual is critical as they become our eyes and ears into the business.” Tshego Sefolo is the CEO andContinue reading “CFO magazine: Agile’s Tshego Sefolo”

Financial Mail: Check up on government

In 2017 I did quite a lot of research and writing on civic technology – how technologies are being used to strengthen links between people, their governments, civil society organisations, and services. Civic tech is used to give citizens a voice, to help them access public or civil society provided services and – critically –Continue reading “Financial Mail: Check up on government”

Business Day: How garnishees keep gouging debtors

Part of my Pound of Flesh series of data-driven articles on SA consumer debt (supported by impactAfrica)… This appeared in the Business Day on 12 October 2017. How garnishees keep gouging debtors Despite a landmark ruling, shady collectors are still preying on victims It has been 13 months since the Constitutional Court handed down whatContinue reading “Business Day: How garnishees keep gouging debtors”

CFO magazine: Mavericks, freaks and geeks

I recently attended the Finance Indaba as a writer for CFO South Africa. Two of the presentations that I really enjoyed were by so-called futurists – people who study trends and change (and history) in order to make predictions about the future. In this case, those predictions were aimed at a corporate and financial audience,Continue reading “CFO magazine: Mavericks, freaks and geeks”

Financial Mail: I of the beholder (iOS10 review)

Almost every week of the year – and for several years running – I have written a technology or consumer product review for the Financial Mail. I loved working for the FM when I was a full-time staffer (six or seven years ago now). I first edited the FM Campus publication, and later held the positionContinue reading “Financial Mail: I of the beholder (iOS10 review)”

Can art save this city?

Here’s a little throwback post for you. This time last year, I was gearing up for my near-annual trip to Grahamstown for the National Arts Festival. I head down to G’town most years (as often as I can) and have a deep love for the quirky little town and the wonderful arts festival it hostsContinue reading “Can art save this city?”

Your TED in the clouds: Financial Mail

I recently interviewed Charlie Beuthin from Eduze – a content and digital start-up – for the Financial Mail. Below is an extract. You can read the full article here. CHARLIE Beuthin, CEO of digital media start-up company Eduze, is a self-described “content guy” who taught himself a bit of coding and development. He’s not theContinue reading “Your TED in the clouds: Financial Mail”