Financial Mail: Check up on government

In 2017 I did quite a lot of research and writing on civic technology – how technologies are being used to strengthen links between people, their governments, civil society organisations, and services. Civic tech is used to give citizens a voice, to help them access public or civil society provided services and – critically –Continue reading “Financial Mail: Check up on government”

Can art save this city?

Here’s a little throwback post for you. This time last year, I was gearing up for my near-annual trip to Grahamstown for the National Arts Festival. I head down to G’town most years (as often as I can) and have a deep love for the quirky little town and the wonderful arts festival it hostsContinue reading “Can art save this city?”

Health care – A star is born: Financial Mail

I really enjoyed writing this piece for the Financial Mail on the mHealth initiatives being employed locally. Here is a short extract. You can read the full article here. This piece appeared in the print edition (on 28 August 2015) and on the website. BY 10am the antenatal and postnatal section at Soshanguve Community HealthContinue reading “Health care – A star is born: Financial Mail”

Please back my Contributoria proposal: Can art save this city?

I’ve proposed a story on Contributoria – a crowdsourcing journalism platform backed by the Guardian (UK). Now I need your help, dear friends and network. You can see my proposal here:…/201…/556c5e21ffa4900016000040 If you like the sound of my idea, please consider backing me. In order to back it, you need to sign up atContinue reading “Please back my Contributoria proposal: Can art save this city?”