About me

FYI: For a number of years, I’ve written as Kate Ferreira, but am now using Thompson Davy.

Hi, I’m Kate Thompson Davy. I am a resourceful, reliable, and creative freelance journalist, writer, comms strategist, and coach

I have been freelancing since early 2013, and working in media for 14 years. I am currently the technology columnist for Business Day, and my other clients include the Financial Mail, CFO South Africa, SA Homeowner, Woman & Home, and The Sunday Times, among others. I am based in Cape Town, South Africa.

I often work with academics and researchers, to develop stories out of their scientific and political work, and to communicate these with a non-academic audience.

I particularly enjoy working on people-centric narratives; collaborating on data-led projects; unpacking consumer finance, entrepreneurship, and economic development topics; as well as researching and producing science, innovation, and technology-related content.

Extra details

Before freelancing
Before striking out on my own, I held the position of news editor for a weekly news and fashion magazine, Grazia (South Africa). I also worked as the managing editor for the radio station websites of Kagiso, a major broadcast media company, and in financial journalism as the online editor (and previously the student supplement magazine editor) for the weekly Financial Mail (FM).

I hold a Bachelors degree in journalism and media studies from Rhodes University (completed 2005), and an MA in Journalism (with distinction) from the University of the Witwatersrand (2016).

Recent awards
I was named first runner-up in the ‘Consumer Financial Education’ category of the Sanlam Awards for Excellence in Financial Journalism (2018).

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