Financial Mail: Pound of Flesh

Part three of my Pound of Flesh series of data-driven articles on SA consumer debt (supported by impactAfrica)… This was the cover package of the Financial Mail on 22 March 2018. How reckless lending is killing the economy Reckless lending is back in the dock as another consumer takes on Capitec over possible contravention ofContinue reading “Financial Mail: Pound of Flesh”

Financial Mail: Check up on government

In 2017 I did quite a lot of research and writing on civic technology – how technologies are being used to strengthen links between people, their governments, civil society organisations, and services. Civic tech is used to give citizens a voice, to help them access public or civil society provided services and – critically –Continue reading “Financial Mail: Check up on government”

Financial Mail: I of the beholder (iOS10 review)

Almost every week of the year – and for several years running – I have written a technology or consumer product review for the Financial Mail. I loved working for the FM when I was a full-time staffer (six or seven years ago now). I first edited the FM Campus publication, and later held the positionContinue reading “Financial Mail: I of the beholder (iOS10 review)”

Your TED in the clouds: Financial Mail

I recently interviewed Charlie Beuthin from Eduze – a content and digital start-up – for the Financial Mail. Below is an extract. You can read the full article here. CHARLIE Beuthin, CEO of digital media start-up company Eduze, is a self-described “content guy” who taught himself a bit of coding and development. He’s not theContinue reading “Your TED in the clouds: Financial Mail”

Health care – A star is born: Financial Mail

I really enjoyed writing this piece for the Financial Mail on the mHealth initiatives being employed locally. Here is a short extract. You can read the full article here. This piece appeared in the print edition (on 28 August 2015) and on the website. BY 10am the antenatal and postnatal section at Soshanguve Community HealthContinue reading “Health care – A star is born: Financial Mail”

Wearable activity trackers: Financial Mail

I am  fascinated by the wearable technology that is flooding the market locally, so I pitched a piece to the Financial Mail asking if wearable activity trackers could really prompt behaviour change. It was great to compare so many trackers side by side — I usually have to do my reviews in isolation — andContinue reading “Wearable activity trackers: Financial Mail”

Surviving loadshedding: Financial Mail

I love when my professional research and personal needs overlap, and this story is one such example. As a freelancer working from home, I needed to research the various options for staying connected and staying working without electricity – and it is a story with huge “talkability” in South Africa at the moment, so it madeContinue reading “Surviving loadshedding: Financial Mail”

“WORKSPACE: Coffice workers” for the Financial Mail

A freelancer working in a coffee shop, writing about freelancers who work in coffee shops. Life really does imitate art! I recently wrote an article about the “coffice” trend for the FM Life section of the Financial Mail (South Africa). Here is a short extract: SA — especially Cape Town and Johannesburg — has embracedContinue reading ““WORKSPACE: Coffice workers” for the Financial Mail”

Break the fast: Embrace the slow food movement

Here’s a food trend article I wrote for the Financial Mail last year, looking specifically at the Slow Food movement:   WE CAN see it in the growing popularity of local markets such as Neighbourgoods; in the scramble to climb on the organic bandwagon; the prevalence of pickling and jam recipes on platforms like;Continue reading “Break the fast: Embrace the slow food movement”