Mobile money could help shut down state graft: Business Day

In October 2015, I was a guest of MasterCard, at the fascinating MasterCard Innovation Forum in KL, Malaysia. The rate of change and innovation around digital payments is startling, and exciting, and holds huge opportunity for changing the way we operate – as businesses, consumers, and even as states. Below is an extract of aContinue reading “Mobile money could help shut down state graft: Business Day”

Finance company takes cue from nature: Business Day

  Now this was an inspiring interview! I recently had the chance to interview academic and enrepreneur Idriss Aberkane for Business Day. The following is an extract of the article, but you can read the full thing on the BDlive website. IMAGINE an economy with no waste and no unemployment, a market in which theContinue reading “Finance company takes cue from nature: Business Day”

Health care – A star is born: Financial Mail

I really enjoyed writing this piece for the Financial Mail on the mHealth initiatives being employed locally. Here is a short extract. You can read the full article here. This piece appeared in the print edition (on 28 August 2015) and on the website. BY 10am the antenatal and postnatal section at Soshanguve Community HealthContinue reading “Health care – A star is born: Financial Mail”

Navigating the tricky ethical terrain of big data: Business Day

This is an extract of a piece I recently wrote on the ethics of personal data commercialisation. This piece appeared in the print edition (on 6 July 2015) and on the website. TOM Cruise’s 2002 science fiction drama, The Minority Report, involved a world of sensors and machines that knew more about the humans theyContinue reading “Navigating the tricky ethical terrain of big data: Business Day”

Please back my Contributoria proposal: Can art save this city?

I’ve proposed a story on Contributoria – a crowdsourcing journalism platform backed by the Guardian (UK). Now I need your help, dear friends and network. You can see my proposal here:…/201…/556c5e21ffa4900016000040 If you like the sound of my idea, please consider backing me. In order to back it, you need to sign up atContinue reading “Please back my Contributoria proposal: Can art save this city?”

The smart doctor and app that opens rural eyes: Business Day

  My first piece for Business Day was published yesterday – in the paper and on the website. I’m really happy to have been able to tell this good news m-health story, about a homegrown app and the amazing doctor who made it happen. Here is a brief extract: AT VREDENDAL North Clinic in theContinue reading “The smart doctor and app that opens rural eyes: Business Day”

Wearable activity trackers: Financial Mail

I am  fascinated by the wearable technology that is flooding the market locally, so I pitched a piece to the Financial Mail asking if wearable activity trackers could really prompt behaviour change. It was great to compare so many trackers side by side — I usually have to do my reviews in isolation — andContinue reading “Wearable activity trackers: Financial Mail”

Surviving loadshedding: Financial Mail

I love when my professional research and personal needs overlap, and this story is one such example. As a freelancer working from home, I needed to research the various options for staying connected and staying working without electricity – and it is a story with huge “talkability” in South Africa at the moment, so it madeContinue reading “Surviving loadshedding: Financial Mail”

“WORKSPACE: Coffice workers” for the Financial Mail

A freelancer working in a coffee shop, writing about freelancers who work in coffee shops. Life really does imitate art! I recently wrote an article about the “coffice” trend for the FM Life section of the Financial Mail (South Africa). Here is a short extract: SA — especially Cape Town and Johannesburg — has embracedContinue reading ““WORKSPACE: Coffice workers” for the Financial Mail”

Writing up travel “hot spots” for Getaway

Getaway Hot Spots Travel writing isn’t something I do full time, but when I do get the chance to travel and write, I jump at it. Since going freelance last year, I’ve been lucky enough to do some sporadic work for the fabulous Getaway magazine, including the two “hot spots” in the PDF and imageContinue reading “Writing up travel “hot spots” for Getaway”