A revolution of one billion

One Billion Rising PDF Globally one in three women will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. That is the equivalent of one billion people, and this horrific fact forms the core of Eve Ensler’s One Billion Rising (OBR) campaign to end violence against women. Last year, 14 February,  one billion people in over 200 countries showedContinue reading “A revolution of one billion”

Break the fast: Embrace the slow food movement

Here’s a food trend article I wrote for the Financial Mail last year, looking specifically at the Slow Food movement:   WE CAN see it in the growing popularity of local markets such as Neighbourgoods; in the scramble to climb on the organic bandwagon; the prevalence of pickling and jam recipes on platforms like Pinterest.com;Continue reading “Break the fast: Embrace the slow food movement”

The business of doing business: communication

BUSINESS COMMUNICATION PDF This is a little column I sometimes do for Ventures Africa magazine. The column is called the Business of Doing Business and has an almost educational slant. It’s a fun way to take on a business-related topic (like networking or productivity) and break it down with expert input. I always learn fromContinue reading “The business of doing business: communication”

Real life feature: “I moved across the world for love”

Real Life – Stevie French PDF  I recently had the opportunity to write a “real life” piece, or an “As told to…” type article. I really enjoyed the exercise, not just because the subject Stevie French was lovely and engaging, but because it’s an exercise in discipline for a writer. You need to take someone’sContinue reading “Real life feature: “I moved across the world for love””