Break the fast: Embrace the slow food movement

Here’s a food trend article I wrote for the Financial Mail last year, looking specifically at the Slow Food movement:   WE CAN see it in the growing popularity of local markets such as Neighbourgoods; in the scramble to climb on the organic bandwagon; the prevalence of pickling and jam recipes on platforms like;Continue reading “Break the fast: Embrace the slow food movement”

The business of doing business: communication

BUSINESS COMMUNICATION PDF This is a little column I sometimes do for Ventures Africa magazine. The column is called the Business of Doing Business and has an almost educational slant. It’s a fun way to take on a business-related topic (like networking or productivity) and break it down with expert input. I always learn fromContinue reading “The business of doing business: communication”

Real life feature: “I moved across the world for love”

Real Life – Stevie French PDF  I recently had the opportunity to write a “real life” piece, or an “As told to…” type article. I really enjoyed the exercise, not just because the subject Stevie French was lovely and engaging, but because it’s an exercise in discipline for a writer. You need to take someone’sContinue reading “Real life feature: “I moved across the world for love””